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Amazon Keyword Top 10 
Ranking Service

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The MASTER YOUR RANKING Service Includes:

  • ​Help you identify the best keywords to boost your ranking 
  • ​Get your product in front of an exclusive group of Amazon buyers
  • ​ Watch your rankings over an 8-15 day period accelerate to page 1

Who Is This For?

MASTER YOUR RANKING Easy Keyword Ranking Service Is For Amazon Sellers And Entrepreneurs Who Need To Obtain Higher Rankings On Their Products, And Sell More Everyday AUTOMATICALLY.

This Service Provides You A SIMPLE, Done-For-You And Completely White Hat Strategy That We Use To Launch Or Boost Your Amazon Product.

To improve your sales ranking on Amazon, 
you need buyers who are looking for the EXACT keyword you want to rank for, and are ready to properly search for and buy your product... 

We have both.

Keyword Strategy
for Success

We will provide guidance and training on how to select the ideal keyword(s) for you to target in order to achieve maximum ranking for your product.

Easy Set Up 
& Support

Fill out a simple form and our keyword strategist will get to work planning your launch.  We remain here for you throughout the launch window.

Page 1

When you follow the strategy provided, we will get you ranked to within the Top 10 of the chosen keyword, or your money back.  
Easy Peasy.

How does this "Amazon ranking" thing work?

In order to successfully sell your product on Amazon, you need...sales.  Duh. 

But in order to get sales, your product must be put in front of the right customers who are searching for exactly what you have to offer.   

Then, and only then, when the customer sees your product, determines that you are going to provide them exactly what they were looking for, will you get a sales conversion.

With every sales conversion you get, you are one step closer to convincing the A9 Algorithm (the enormously super secret artificial intelligence system that runs the entire Amazon.com platform) that you are worthy of being higher up in the search results.  

IF your sales continue day after day, and you build momentum (a favorite snack desert of the A9), then the A9 rewards you with even higher rankings.  With higher rankings comes more customer eyeballs on your product, which comes with more sales, and more ranking, and and and.....

Until you reach Top of the Search.

In other words, a "launch" is...

...when you harness the time immediately after your product goes live (in stock) on Amazon for the first time by driving sales through promotional giveaways. 

This accomplishes 3 things:

1.  Drive external traffic to increase sales
2.  Increase customer awareness of your brand
3.  Convince A9 that you deserve higher ranking

In order to successfully pull off promotional giveaways, we need 3 components:

> A plan of which keywords you will target, and with how many buyers to each
Buyers who know how to search for your product properly
> Buyers who know what NOT to do in order to avoid upsetting the Amazon playground attendants (A9)

Whether you are a new seller, or a seasoned veteran with a large 8 figure brand, finding enough of these buyers who can help you get sales and improve your ranking so that you meet your organic sales goals IS A PAIN.  

So, how can a seller help products rank higher?

Even if your listing is fully optimized and you have a solid set of keywords to go after, KNOWING exactly which search terms that you should be presenting your product to customers is challenging, at best.

The big brands know the power of an email list, which is why they grow and guard their lists of customers with lock and key, keeping their list of buyers warm over time so that they are their to purchase (and help rank) when needed.  You likely don't have a list, or else you wouldn't be reading this now.

Yeah, you can set up social media adds with your giveaway to generate leads who MIGHT buy your product from you if given the right incentive, but what if they leave a review, too?  A9 will remove more than just reviews from your listing if something seems fishy - like getting reviews on products that you incentivized the sale of.  You could lose your selling privileges.  You don't want that nightmare.  Trust me.

And, after many years of learning how the Amazon search REALLY works, we discovered the secret solution...

...that has now been delivering us TOP 5 rankings on keywords for more than 3 years.

We have built multiple groups of qualified buyers to get you sales.

And until now, we were keeping this all to ourselves and our close coaching clients.

Then earlier this year...

One of my high-end coaching clients hired one of the other guys to help launch a new product.  
Our client was simply looking for a way to get some more traffic to his listing.  

After the campaign was running for a few days, Patrick got on a call with our client and reviewed the plan that was put in place by these "other guys."   We were astonished to find that the keywords that were being targeted were not even close to being the best choice to go after.  Our product lacked relevancy.  

Even more, the quantity of promotional giveaways that this other provider had charged our client for was about 2.5X more than necessary.  Our client had already paid $1,558.  We immediately had them ask for what was left of their money back.

Patrick then guided our client towards using our then super private service, and within a week and for nearly $1,000 less, we reached #1 ranking for the RIGHT keywords, and have since retained top of page 1 status ongoing.

At that very moment...

Patrick decided that we HAD TO offer our tried and true services to more sellers.

And here we are.

I'm Patrick Kinkade...
I spent many years scrambling through life, sometimes homeless, not knowing how to get away from the grind. A lot of time not standing in my value, not earning the profits I could be. I worked jobs and built businesses, good and bad, trying to express my unique passions and talents without success - then I found Amazon and learned to become a Best Seller. 

Did it happen overnight? No. I spent years in the trenches learning how to make this Amazon opportunity work for me and my family. 

When did it change for me?  When I figured out how to take a new product from page 58 to top of page 1.  That's when my sales exploded.  And then our business exploded.  
I've been helping countless other sellers reach the same goals I had - to help our families live our dream lifestyle - by selling our hard-earned products to as many people as possible.  

The only way we know how to get this done is to Master Your Ranking.

The Proof Is In The Ranking

Check out these very common results we get for our clients in a matter of days...

From ranking #170 to #1
Search Volume = 3,300

From ranking #133 to #4
Search Volume = 997

Hear what people have to say...

"My mind is completely blown away!
I cannot believe that following your system and following your direction has brought me from position 180 in the vertical that I'm selling in, all the way up to the very first position. Page one, Position one is beyond what I ever expected, and in six days, seven days? I mean it's just unheard of. It also gets me very excited about… picking some other keywords and I really believe that as we continue forward that I could potentially be in a position where we might own that spot. I'm very excited because…certainly in business, that's the goal.
… I mean to be number one, in just such a short period of time. It's just incredible. It's just mind blowing awesome."

- John Santos

"I needed some traffic and decided to pay one of the other ranking services to help out. They gave me an invoice for $1500+ which included the cost of 85 units, which I paid, thinking they were legit. When Patrick reviewed my "campaign" with me days later, he quickly discovered that the keyword we were targeting was not even one of my top level keywords that I should be going after. We quickly stopped the campaign, asked for our unspent money back, and then switched over to a much less expensive, but better targeted set of keywords. Within days we were ranked top 5 and went on to continue to dominate those markets - increasing sales leading up to one of of our niche holidays. Thanks so much for saving me tons of cash, and for the ranking mega-help!"

- Derrick Johnson

What are you waiting for?

with Every Passing Day, Your daily average Sales History is diminishing...
every Day Counts!

$ 497
Per Promotional Coupon, No set up fee.
  • Unlimited # of Keywords
  • Proven Ranking System
  • Dedicated Support Strategist
  • Scheduling Within 48 Hours
  • Any Campaign Timeframe (8, 15, or ? days)
  • One-Time Use Security
  • 100% Guarantee
7 Day Money Back Guarantee
Remember, our company was formed when one of those "other guys" misguided us, costing us $100s.  We never want any of our clients to have that same ugly experience. 

So to prove that,  we provide all of our clients with a 100% guarantee.

If for any reason you're not fully satisfied with our service after making payment, simply cancel your campaign and we'll gladly refund you 100% of your money, NO QUESTIONS asked.

So there's no risk.
One Last Question...
With a promise to rank your product for a keyword that WE help you strategize,

By utilizing a safe and secure pool of promotion grabbers,

How can you go wrong!?!

No more watching and waiting for your product to magically rank.  

Take charge AND RANK today!!!

Your Service for Getting Top Keyword Ranking

At Least 68% Off The
"Other Guys" Price Of $1,558*

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